About me and my vision 

Hello, I'm Fi, The Ed Psych Coach. 

I'm a qualified Educational Psychologist (EP) and a coach. 

It is my mission to apply coaching psychology to enable EPs to thrive and flourish in their careers. 

I'm keen for us to develop a fulfilled, connected, productive and progressive EP workforce. Through my groups and my research activity, I am building a community of ambitious, inspiring and innovative EPs. Together, we are the future of our wonderful profession: how do you want it to look? 

I also work as an EP in a South London Local Authority, and I'm an Academic and Professional Tutor on the Educational Psychology Doctoral training course at The Institute of Education in London. 

I've met many ambitious and inspiring EPs who are doing impressive systemic and progressive work. I've also met some brilliant EPs with great ideas, who are perhaps feeling held back by workload, or have somehow lost their mojo, or are lacking the confidence to do something new and brave. I love chatting to EPs about their passions and having supportive discussions to help EPs 'live their best lives' and find fulfilment in their careers. I enjoy using motivational interviewing, solution-focused psychology, positive psychology and cognitive behavioural coaching to help EPs follow their passions, achieve their ambitions and get unstuck. 

I believe that during EP training, there is such a structured pathway to qualification, and there is so much support and supervision available to help us learn, thrive, and achieve. And then, a few years post-qualifying, we can get stuck on the hamster wheel of writing statutory psych advice, and stuck in a BAS-tastic rut, doing the same, repetitive work and wishing we could do things differently. 

Sometimes we might forget to look up and think about what we have achieved, and where we want to go next in our careers. Sometimes we might have big dreams, but we might feel 'held back' - either by practical constraints (like time and energy) or self-limiting factors (like procrastinating, failure avoidance or experiencing 'imposter syndrome'). Sometimes our workload gets the better of us and we just never get make space to consider our career aspirations. Sometimes we have made a start and we just need that bit of a helping hand to get there. 

Through my 1:1 and group coaching sessions,  as well as workshops and CPD events, I aim to support EPs to 'live their best lives'. I help EPs to achieve career fulfilment, make their best contribution to service users and to our profession. I feel like there is so much untapped potential out there and I am on a mission to find it (within you) and help you to release it! 

Find out more: What is Coaching?

Whatsapp or Email me about your ideas and passions: I love hearing from EPs. 

WhatsApp me: 07957 025 066
Email me: fi@theedpsychcoach.com

Twitter: @fiona_coley

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