About me... 


I'm Fi, The Ed Psych Coach. 

It is my mission to inspire and motivate the EP workforce, so that we love our work and maximise the difference we make . 

I achieve this through my coaching groups, 1:1 coaching and workshops. I use an integrated coaching approach, drawing upon positive psychology, coaching psychology, motivational interviewing and solution-focused approaches. 

I'm an experienced EP working in a South London Local Authority, and I'm an Academic and Professional Tutor on the Educational Psychology Doctoral training course at The Institute of Education in London. 


Hey! Is this you? 

  • Do you want to really make a difference in the lives of children, families and schools, beyond individual casework?
  • Do you want to make a significant contribution to the EP profession?
  • Are you ambitious, progressive, zesty and ready for challenge?
  • Do you have an innovative, creative idea for doing something differently (in practice and/or research)?
  • Do you want to make a contribution to the research literature?
  • Do you want to (find and) develop your niche and follow your passions?
  • Do you dream of one day writing a book?
  • Are you passionate about making a wide-reaching difference beyond the individual case level?
  • Do you want to make an impact and leave a legacy?


...and are you feeling stuck?

  • Are you feeling bored, frustrated and under-challenged?
  • Are you ready to give more, be more and do more?
  • Are you feeling held back by the systems around you?
  • Are you feeling limited by fear of failure, self-doubt and/or feelings of ‘imposter syndrome’?


 I'd love to hear from you! Reach out :) 


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Let’s connect! 😊 

Drop me an email: fi@theedpsychcoach.com

Find me on Twitter: @fiona_coley

WhatsApp me: 07957 025 066