1:1 Coaching

Through my 1:1 coaching sessions, I support EPs to: 

  • Achieve their career ambitions
  • Follow their passions
  • Overcome blocks and barriers
  • Engage in research activity and publish their research
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Add variety to ‘spice up’ their practice
  • Maximise productivity
  • Master their workload and achieve balance

Get in touch to find out how coaching works, explore how I could help you and to hear about pricing packages. I love talking to EPs about their passions, goals and ambitions. 

We'll arrange a mutually convenient time for a free 30-min chat. It's then totally up to you whether you want to proceed with any further 1:1 coaching. 

EP Research Club and Group Coaching 

EP research club aims to connect EPs who would like to engage in more research-based activity – of any kind: whether it’s reading, writing, planning projects, analysing data and/or seeking to publish. We are an open and friendly group and we welcome anyone to join us – you can drop in any time. We currently meet online via Zoom. 

Each session has two parts:

1. A group coaching session (facilitated by Dr Fi Coley), in which we set goals, share successes (and frustrations!), and explore and overcome our barriers to doing research-related work.

2. Protected time for our own individual research pursuits: reading, writing and research-based activities. We turn our cameras off and work on our own individual tasks, before checking in at the end to celebrate what we’ve done. 

EP Research Club is the ideal space for motivation, inspiration and accountability towards your research-based goals. Come join us!  

Upcoming dates: 
- Friday 17th Feb @ 12-2pm (lunchtime) 
- Wednesday 22nd March @ 7-9pm (evening) 
- Thursday 27th April @ 7-9pm (evening) 
- Tuesday 30th May @ 5-7pm (twilight) 
- Wednesday28th June @ 7-9pm (evening) 

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Group Coaching Taster Session

Goal 1: Do more systemic work and projects 

Thursday 15.09.22 @ 5-6:30pm via Zoom

Would you like to do more systemic work in your schools and other settings and/or to engage in more project work? You can make it happen. 

NEW: group coaching taster session for Educational Psychologists.

A one-off taster session for 90 minutes in a small group (no more than 6 EPs) relating to the broad goal: Do more systemic work and projects.

Find out more: Group Coaching Taster Session - Goal 1: Do more systemic work and projects Tickets, Thu 15 Sep 2022 at 17:00 | Eventbrite 


Summer Productivity & CPD Club 

Prioritise your CPD this summer

Do you find that, at the start of the summer holidays, you feel like you’re ready to conquer the world, do loads of reading and CPD, tidy all those scraps of paper and re-organise your computer files, get on top of your reports and make all those resources you always dream of making…? Or maybe you’re just plain exhausted and ready to slow down a bit during the summer. And by the end of the summer (if you’re lucky) you’ve only just squared away your reports without getting any CPD done...? 

Sound familiar? Then it’s time for a change: you can take steps to really make this summer count. Come join us at Summer Productivity Club!

We’ll explore productivity and prioritisation hacks and you can plan how to work ‘smarter’ to achieve what you want to this summer, without actually working any ‘harder’.

  • Summer Productivity Club will support you to:
  • Set and achieve your goals for CPD and career development
  • Make a comprehensive, realistic and achievable summer to-do list
  • Get more done with my ‘Productivity Top 10’
  • Identify your ‘time zappers’ (where does that time go!?)
  • Overcome obstacles
  • ‘Biohack’ your energy levels to maximise productivity
  • Harness the power of group coaching for accountability, overcoming obstacles and celebrating achievements

Group places are strictly limited: first come, first served. The group is split into three sessions (dates below). The main session is the initial 2hr workshop, followed by two optional group coaching sessions: you can come to either of both of these – totally up to you. (I appreciate that you might want a holiday, which is also super important for recharging our batteries.)

The idea is that group accountability and support can boost our success in achieving our goals – plus I love hearing how people are getting on, celebrating successes and breaking down barriers, as well as giving that extra bit of ‘rocket fuel’ when needed.

All sessions attended can be logged as CPD hours (up to 5 hours in total). 

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Group Coaching and CPD Workshops
 - more coming soon...

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